To Our Holy Cross Academy Family:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce Holy Cross Academy will not open in August.  The COVID-19 pandemic has halted some of our efforts and slowed others. Due to the uncertainty of the financial impact from the pandemic, we had to cancel two fundraising events, did not get responses from fundraising letters we did send out, and are concerned about when efforts to raise money could begin again.  The latest research indicates another wave and peak of COVID-19 in August, thereby adding to the unstable financial situation. In addition, we have heard from a number of individuals and from a significant grant opportunity that our ability to self-sustain for the first year would be key to any donations and those donations would come the following year.  While a typical business plan would be for two years, schools are unique “businesses”. They involve children who deserve consistent educational experiences and families who have to make difficult decisions about education and would not relish making those decisions multiple times.

All expenses already paid will be refunded.  Records releases will be handled as expeditiously as possible. 

We are in awe of the families who decided to support Holy Cross Academy.  Your willingness to take this journey with us was inspiring. Yet we cannot deny that God is in control and now is not the time to start a new venture. Our daily prayers include our families as they transition for this fall.  

Thank you for your interest in Holy Cross Academy.

God speed.

HCA Leadership Team